Monday, April 29, 2013

SBBC - final recap

This week, I bet 50 points that I wouldn't shave any miles off of my training plan. I believe that this is the first time I've run 28 miles in a week! Proud of myself.

SBBC Points for the Week:

Monday: Jillian Michaels DVD, water, freggies - 4 points
Tuesday: 5 miles, water, freggies - 8 points
Wednesday: Jillian Michaels DVD, water - 3 point
Thursday: 8 mile track workout, water, freggies - 10.8 points
Friday: 5 miles, freggies - 7 points
Saturday: Rest, water, freggies - 2 points
Sunday: 10 miles at race pace, water, freggies - 14 points

PLUS, a 50 point wager that I wouldn't shave any miles off of my training plan this week: 100 points

Total: 148.8

SBBC is over, and my race is in about 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to setting some new goals for myself. It's all going to be about getting faster for me this summer!

Miss Prickly

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  1. Great job! I am hoping to get faster this summer too! I'm adding track workouts to the schedule so hopefully that will do the trick.