Friday, January 17, 2014

Running With (a good) Attitude

Usually I spend a lot of time hating running.

I hate looking out the window at grey drizzle and imagine myself stepping outside for a run.

I ALWAYS hate the first mile when my footsteps cry out with "plod, plod, plod" and my knees ache and maybe I'm getting the flu?!

I'm pretty sure my ass looks terrible in Lycra pants. I try not to think about it too much.

I hate doing speed work at the community college track, where 18 year old boys lap me - twice - and I'm working to my middle-aged max.


Fortunately, I don't hate running all of the time, otherwise I'd never do it, AND I do love how I feel after a good, hard run. Lately though, something has shifted in my running attitude. I think that I mostly like it now. Definitely not LOVE, but like - a nice, steady like as in it's part of my identity, and I don't hate myself for being a sloggy runner.

My attitude change comes from being more social about running. I have a core group of wonderful women that I've been running with on Saturdays in my Moms RUN This Town group. We're all training for the same two races, so that makes the long runs seem doable. They're pushing me to run faster too. Something I find very hard to do by myself.

I've also connected with another Moms RUN group in a neighboring city that's well-organized. I've met some new running buddies there too and have joined a few for a local 5K. We're also planning a relay group for Ragnar in 2015 - one of my bucket list runs! The enthusiasm in the group is contagious.

Since the Ragnar relay is over a year away, I was invited to hook up with another team to run the Epic Relay this year. After I paid my deposit, I stepped up my speed work. I don't want to let my team down by having to have another member run faster to make up for my time. We have to average 11 minute miles, and I'm not quite there yet. I'm still running 11:30 - 11:50 on my long runs.

My relationship with running changed when I least expected. At first I started running to manage my weight, stress level and mental health. Now, I'm running for those reasons, as well as to make friends and have fun.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Prickly

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  1. It took me a good year or two before I actually like running. I forced myself to do it, but it was a struggle. Now I love it! Getting to know people in the running community is great too!